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12yr Old Boy Dancing is Gang Activity – School Sued by ACLU

Southaven School ACLU Sued1 12yr Old Boy Dancing is Gang Activity   School Sued by ACLU

At what point does a school violate a students right to be free of unreasonable search and seizure?  Apparently in the Mississippi middle school of Southaven texting during a class gives them the right to not only confiscate a student’s cell phone but then proceed to browse through his private images, contacts, etc.

This is exactly what happened to 12yr old Richard Wade, an honor roll student at Southaven middle school.   While doing said search, school officials found pictures of Richard that they say indicated gang activity.  His parents disagree and instead point out that he is just dancing around in his own bathroom and acting goofy like 12yr olds do.

At a subsequent hearing of the school board Richard was expelled from school for the pictures and now the ACLU is suing the school for violating this rights.  I’m honestly not a fan of the ACLU, but in this case I think they are right on the money.

Because of the expulsion, Richard was forced to enroll at another school that did in fact have a gang problem and his family was forced to move to keep him out of that environment.

Note to School Officials: I get that you are bored to tears in your mundane life, but a little power and a giant lack of intelligence, does not give you the right to illegally search a 12yr olds private property.  I personally hope the ACLU prevails in their suit and you all end up on the streets pushing a shopping cart around.  Then again with that level of competence you are a shoe in for a government job.

Source: Cellular-News.com

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