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3 Reasons why I Love my BlackBerry!

1. BlackBerry Applicationsblackberry app store 3 Reasons why I Love my BlackBerry!

The number one reason why I love my BlackBerry is the applications. With an application for everything from medical, to musical, to business there’s an app for everyone and everything. BlackBerry has mastered the art of not only having what would appear as a bottomless supply of apps, but also the ease of getting those apps. BlackBerry brings the power of buying apps directly to your phone through various online “app stores” (http://store.mobimadness.com).  BlackBerry owners can search, test-drive, buy, and download applications on to their devices anywhere in their service zone.

However, if users can’t decide whether they want a specific application or not, then they can simply hop on to a BlackBerry review website (like Mobimadness.com) and read up on what others thought about it.

It’s no secret that BlackBerrys applications have revolutionized the mobile world and influenced other mobile giants to spring into action. I’m not saying it’s true, but iPhone had to get its idea from somewhere!

So if you’re looking for a phone that literally has everything from endless games, entertainment, business applications and much more, than your obvious choice is BlackBerry.

blackberrytough 3 Reasons why I Love my BlackBerry!2. BlackBerry Durability

Built Berry tough. BlackBerry’s have climbed to become the choice of business men and women around the world for a lot of reasons. One of the biggest reasons is their durability. Personally, I’ve had my BlackBerry for two and a half years now, and I’ve yet to have a problem. Mine has undergone some of the toughest tests including the rough halls of high school and numerous cross country trips. I’ve even taken my BlackBerry camping in the back woods of Oregon and it’s still performing at peak condition.

Now you can’t hide the fact that your screen will get scratched. This will happen to any phone nowadays. But spring a few bucks for a screen protector and your BlackBerry is almost as dependable as a tank.  (Read Dan’s OtterBox Review)

As far as battery life goes BlackBerry dominates the smart phone world. Most users never replace their battery through out the course of their phones life. A fantastic feature considering the cost of batteries in today’s market. Another positive is BlackBerrys daily battery life is typically more than that of regular phones.

3. Make it Your Owncustombb 3 Reasons why I Love my BlackBerry!

When it comes to customizing your phone it doesn’t get much better than BlackBerry. From adding all the applications you want to unique themes BlackBerry is the truly the king of customization. On regular phones your limited to a few pre-programmed themes and that’s about it. And although other smart phones have themes available for purchase, none of them have quite the amount available to BlackBerry users.

You can customize your device with themes from classic cartoons, to popular video games and TV shows, to nature and life and much more. With the average cost of $.99 users can switch their themes on a weekly basis! You BlackBerry will always be unique. And new themes are always in the works, so you’ll never run out of options!

The ability to choose what apps you want on your BlackBerry truly makes it the most customizable phone on the market today. Because you can add exactly what you want, your BlackBerry can be much more efficient for you! Most phones come with a bunch of useless apps that you’ll never use. But with BlackBerry you don’t need to take up valuable space with apps like BrickBreaker or maps (unless you really want to!).

blackberrylogo 300x63 3 Reasons why I Love my BlackBerry!

These are just three reasons out of hundreds why I love my BlackBerry. BlackBerry apps bring an entire new level of efficiency to your phone. The proven durability of BlackBerrys is a major selling point, and proves it’s a great investment. Lastly, in the field of customization BlackBerrys smoke the competition. So if you’re a BlackBerry owner then hold your head high, and if your not I suggest heading to your nearest dealer!

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