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My New BlackBerry – Week One

IMG 24302 300x225 My New BlackBerry   Week OneI’ve had my BlackBerry Curve (8330) for a couple days now and my first thought about using such an advanced phone was how neat the tiny navigation ball is. It’s so easy to move and it’s a lot faster than pushing left, right, up, and down buttons. It feels so silky smooth on your finger also.

I have navigated thru my BlackBerry Curve and added some contacts. You can put a lot of information for just one contact. Such as multiple numbers and addresses, email, company name, birthday, anniversaries, and you can add your contacts pictures.

Text messaging with the BlackBerry is phenomenal and so very easy. It shows the conversation with the date and time it was sent. I really like that it added apostrophes to words like hasn’t and shouldn’t. It’s not really a necessary tool, but it makes you seem smarter.

I haven’t done too much with the internet yet. I did some navigating with Facebook and MySpace. It’s not the same as a computer but it works well with email and status checks.

The BlackBerry does have great sound. I’ll be getting a memory card to hold music on my Curve and that will allow me to store more music. My BlackBerry does sync to windows media player. I tried with ITunes and it doesn’t seem compatible.

I’ll be experimenting with my BlackBerry Curve more and more. I hope to be on expert mode by the end of the month. There is so much to learn and tinker with. More updates to come.

As a note, I typed this entire article on my phone. J

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