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$9,800 for a Cell Phone? Are you NUTS??!!

vertu knock out 300x211 $9,800 for a Cell Phone?  Are you NUTS??!!

This morning while perusing rss news using Viigo, I noticed a feed from Wired.com titled, “Business Drying Up for Luxury Phone Makers”.  Luxury phone makers?  What in the good name of Adam is a luxury phone?  Intriqued I pushed the button and proceed into a strange altered universe that Alice would be right at home in.

In the current economy, I personally have a tough time justifying the occasional lunch at Burger King, and cant fathom buying a “luxury” phone.  Well a company named Vertu is betting at least a few people are and in fall of 2009 is coming out with the  “Carbon Fibre Ascent Ti” (for that price the name better be long)  with a price tag of $9,800.

Even if I had the money, I can’t see myself spending that much money on a product that will be outdated the day you buy it.  Now maybe if it came with an attachement that allowed it to take out the trash and wash my car I might rethink it, but until that day, this is another mans forte.

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