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Airhead! Balloon Filler Game Review

balloonfiller1 300x225 Airhead! Balloon Filler Game ReviewWe’re all looking for a good game to pass time and have some fun with on our BlackBerry. We’ve tried action games, but beat them and stopped playing. We’ve tried strategy games, but got frustrated and quit. And we’ve tried word games, but those can only be fun for so long. Well there’s a new puzzle game out that might have the solution to our boring came problem. Balloon Filler from Mobigloo LLC.

Balloon Filler copied its game play and plot from a popular online style. The goal is to fill up two thirds of the screen with balloons. You inflate each balloon being cautious to avoid the bouncy balls. It sounds easy at first and it is. But keep in mind as your playing that each level comes with a set number of balloons. If you end up needing more balloons then you’ll need to spend a life to get one.

Your stats are all displayed across the bottom of the screen, except the percentage of the screen filled, so they won’t get in the way. The icons are pretty self explainable. The balloon figures show how much balloons you have left and the hearts show how much lives you have left.  The level of difficulty grows as you climb higher and higher. You’ll either have less balloons, more bouncy balls, or combination of both.

The controls for this game are simple and easy to learn. Each BlackBerry is unique, but they all build of the same general idea. Move with your trackball and inflate by pressing it down. It can be frustrating if you have a stick trackball because you’ll end up over-inflating. As far as graphics go they fit the game perfectly. If the graphics had been done up more than it would be confusing.

I would recommend this game to any and everyone. It’s fun and addicting. I usually play a few levels, get stuck on one and quit, then come back five minutes later and start playing again. I love it for passing time in school or at work. For the price of $2.99 it’s definitely worth swinging by the MobiMadness store and picking up.

Rating: 5/5 star Airhead! Balloon Filler Game Reviewstar Airhead! Balloon Filler Game Reviewstar Airhead! Balloon Filler Game Reviewstar Airhead! Balloon Filler Game Reviewstar Airhead! Balloon Filler Game Review 

buynow cat Airhead! Balloon Filler Game Review

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