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Alejandro Salomon – BlackBerry Ninja or RIM Plant

Alejandro Salomon BlackBerr Alejandro Salomon   BlackBerry Ninja or RIM Plant

If you have been on any of the blogs/forums for Research in Motions BlackBerry smartphones then you will undoubtedly have seen a video or two from Alejandro Salomon.  Sure there are tons of folks producing BlackBerry videos but unlike the rest, Alejandro has an uncanny ability to get his hands on BlackBerry smartphones before any one else and during their development to boot.

He has a web site for his latest “leaks” where he bills himself as “The Ultimate BlackBerry Ninja”.

So being the inquisitive sort I did some quick checking and found an Alejandro Salomon listed in the Internet Movie Database (IMDb)

It seems that Alejandro is a movie producer of sorts and even has a production company called Takito Productions (Update: URL no longer works).   More recently he formed Helios Productions with David Rusi.

alejandro salomon bulldog t 300x147 Alejandro Salomon   BlackBerry Ninja or RIM PlantHow can I be so sure this is the right Alejandro Salomon?  Two reasons:
  1. If you look  closely at Alejandro’s bio you will see he has two bulldogs and on the official Twitter page for Alejandro his picture is of a bulldog.
  2. In several videos he has done we get glimpses of the man behind the camera.  So I took his latest of the BlackBerry Storm 2 which has a fairly clear shot and then superimposed  an image of producer Alejandro and bang it’s a dead match.  Right down to the spiked hair.

For some time now I’ve had the feeling that Alejandro is more of a cheerleader for Research in Motion rather than a real source for “leaked” information.  To be more specific I think that Alejandro is plant who is paid by Research in Motion to drum up excitement for upcoming devices.  Here are a few reasons why I think this is the case:

  1. Alejandro has made no move to disguise his identity and even held a contest on CrackBerry that directly links him to Helios Productions
  2. If he weren’t a plant for Research in Motion wouldn’t they have shut him down a long time ago?

So what do you think, is Alejandro Salomon a BlackBerry Ninja or a Research in Motion plant?

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