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Analyst Who Wrote Tour 50% Returned Must Be Glue Sniffer

glue sniffer blackberry Analyst Who Wrote Tour 50% Returned Must Be Glue Sniffer

Yesterday we reported that an analyst reported that 50% of BlackBerry Tours from Sprint had been returned with defective trackballs.  [Read Story Here]

As we had thought, it is now apparent that the analyst, David Eller, from TownHall Research must have a serious glue sniffing habit that impared his judgment or exaggerated his lack there of.

The response from the vendors was quick:

  • Jim Gerace from Verizon stated, “The Tour is not being returned at a high rate.  It has in fact one of the lowest return rates of any device we currently sell.”
  • Sprint says only a “small percentage” of early production Tours had the trackball issue.

David Eller’s response was that he did not examine all Sprint retail channels but instead talked to people in the field who reported the high return rates.    Seriously David?  You talked to people in the field?  Heck I talked to a drunk on the corner the other day and he said the iPhone is made by aliens.  Can I now report that as a fact?

Of course Eller was quick to retract the comment about the Tour having issues with the touchscreen, since it doesn’t even have a touch screen.  He instead blamed that particularly stupid comment,on some mysterious 3rd party adding it in after he had submitted his original pile of dung.

Not surprising, Research in Motion (RIM ) has not responded to this and will likely instead have a nice lawyer who does check facts contact Mr. Eller instead.

[source: ComputerWorld]

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