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Apple and AT&T Wait Till Last Possible Day to Release MMS

Apple ATT Sued iPhone MMS 300x197 Apple and AT&T Wait Till Last Possible Day to Release MMSRecently we reported that an angry iPhone owner (imagine that) sued Apple over iPhone advertising that indicated that Multimedia Messaging (MMS) would be available June 2009.  (Read Our Original Story Here)

Apparently Apple did roll out MMS on most carriers around that timeframe but not on AT&T and that’s what chapped this particular customer’s bottom.

Of course Apple’s reply to her suit was, hey read the fine print, and sure enough, in microscopic type at the bottom of the advertisement it says something to the effect of MMS would be launched on AT&T “late summer”.

Now take a wild guess what the reported date of the MMS release will be and the end of summer is?  Yep that’s right, they are the same day, September 25th.

You really have to admire the humor of Apple and AT&T. (Not)

Source: Phone Scoop

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