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Apple Lied about Rejecting Google Voice

google voice apple Apple Lied about Rejecting Google Voice

Then you will know the truth and the truth shall set you free.

Remember back a few months ago Google tried in vain to get it’s application called Google Voice on the Apple App Store, but was soundly rejected.  [Our Story: Apple, Google, AT&T Respond to FCC Questions]

Then the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) stepped in and Apple swore that Google Voice hadn’t been rejected, but was instead still under review.  They even stated as much in a formal response to the FCC.   Then there was the response Google made to the FCC inquiry in which much of the letter was redacted.

Well now, due to public pressure and several freedom of information act requests, the full context of Google’s letter is out and sure enough Apple DID reject Google Voice.  Click link to read the full version: Googles Response to FCC (311)

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