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Apple Sued Over MMS Debacle

Crazy Apple and ATT Execs1 300x198 Apple Sued Over MMS DebacleIt seems everyday I wake up and there’s another disgruntled person suing Apple.  Today’s litigation comes from Deborah Carr of Ohio.  Apparently, Ms. Carr is perturbed because Apple, failed to deliver Multimedia Messaging (MMS) to AT&T customers by June 09.

According to the complaint, she feels Apple used deceptive advertising that lead her and millions of others to think that MMS would be part of the OS3.0 release in June.  Well shame on Ms. Carr for not reading the microscopic print that clearly (not so clearly) stated that this feature would be coming to AT&T customers in “Late Summer”.

Here is a excerpt from the actual court papers:

“Millions of customers, as a result of the false and deceptive representations and concealments of Apple and AT&T purchased the 3G and 3GS, waiting for the wonderful day in June 2009 when the new application would be available which would allow MMS,” the court filing [pdf] states. “Unfortunately, after downloading the new 3.0 Software Update application, MMS still did not work on both the 3G and 3GS.”

Better get a move on Apple, because summer ends on Sept. 22 and then your “late summer” will be gone and so will a consider chunk of your money.

Just to throw a bit of salt into the festering wounds of all you iPhone users, the BlackBerry has had MMS since the dawn of time. (Disclaimer:  “Dawn of Time” statement is somewhere between 2 days and 5 years)

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