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AT&T Intros New ‘A-List’ Plan

a team att 300x234 AT&T Intros New A List Plan

Boring News Alert!

Seriously folks, this is about as boring as it gets when it comes to news.  Here’s the recipe.  Take a cell phone provider that already has a record of providing shoddy service to its customers and then throw in a new calling plan that really isn’t new, because every provider under the sun has had it for years and wham you just created the newest brain child from the illustrious AT&T.

Come on guys are you kidding me?  Here’s a thought, instead of releasing nonsense like this and that retarded video of “Seth the Blogger Guy”, how about actually fixing your decrepit network?

Ok, just in case 1 out of the 10 people still on AT&T reads this, apparently AT&T says starting September 20th you will be able to pick 5 friends to be on your “A-List”.  Of course you have to already have a single phone calling plan of $60 or more per month to qualify.

Now doesn’t that news make you feel better about not being able to have a call last longer than 5 minutes?  I’m guessing not.

[source: AT&T]

mr t cooper mini 300x212 AT&T Intros New A List Plan

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