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AT&T Wants You to Spend $150 to Make Their Network Better

att microcell 3g AT&T Wants You to Spend $150 to Make Their Network Better

Do you have crappy 3G wireless coverage in your home or office and your carrier is AT&T?  Well you are in luck!  AT&T announced today [AT&T 3G MicroCell] that they have the answer. All you need is to do is buy the AT&T 3G MicroCell ($150) and then connect it to a broadband internet connection that you provide.  WHAM now you have good AT&T 3G wireless service in your home.

Seriously folks I’m not making this up!

3G MicroCell Features:

  • Enhanced coverage indoors – for voice and data up to 5000 square feet
  • Available unlimited minute plans – individual or FamilyTalk plans.
  • 3G handset compatible – works with any AT&T 3G phone.
  • Supports up to four voice or data users at once.
  • Device is secure – cannot be accessed by unauthorized users, easy and secure online management of device settings
  • Seamless call hand-over – start calls on your 3G MicroCell and continue without interruption, even if you leave the building.

Hang on, did that say it only supports four phones?  Oh yes, that’s not a typo.  Not only that, but you have to go online and actually register each phone you want to “allow” to connect to the MicroCell, including your friends and family that might come over.

Maybe I’m just spoiled and jaded because I have Verizon and I don’t have to spend extra money to have good reception in my home.

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