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Baltimore Cops New Crime Fighting Tool is BlackBerry

Baltimore Police BlackBerry Baltimore Cops New Crime Fighting Tool is BlackBerryThe Baltimore Police Department has a new tool for fighting crime and they carry it in their hand.  It’s a specially equipment BlackBerry called a Pocket Cop that costs about $1,700 each but has a wide range of features that help Police while on the streets.

Using the high tech handhelds, Police can access information about felons, missing persons, gangs, terrorists and guns.  They also take advantage of the built in GPS to track Officers and dispatch them quicker and easier.

According to internal statistics, the Officers that use the Pocket Cop are making twice as many arrest and serving more warrants than those who do not.

Baltimore City is the only law enforcement agency in the country that will provide a Pocket Cop to every patrol.

Now what they really need in Baltimore City are some awesome Defender Cases from OtterBox.

Source: WJZ13 News

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Daniel Black is the President and CEO of MobiMadness, Inc. Over the last 4 decades Dan has been an IT Director, Project Manager, Firefighter, EMT, and Army Staff Sergeant (retired).

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  2. gguilfor says:

    Just to let you know Baltimore police used to use the Otter Box case. It is great and protected the Blackberry when the device was run over by a car during a foot chase. In order to run the application and GPS, we need an extended battery. Otter Box does not make a case for extended and the belt clip is not wide enough. Seido does make a case and we found a large belt case by Niteize

  3. Daniel Black says:

    Hi Gayle, thank you for the update and yes the OtterBox case is amazing. I don’t even have to really worry where I set my BlackBerry now or that I might drop it.

    How is the Seido case working out and do you by chance know which model it is?

    I have forwarded your comment over to Kelly at OtterBox in hopes that they might have a solution for an extended battery as well.

    Again, I really appreciate you taking the time to update this posting.