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BerryRhythm Game Review for BlackBerry

berryrhythm1 BerryRhythm Game Review for BlackBerryYou would have to have lived under a rock for the past three years if you’re not familiar with Guitar Hero or Rock Band. But just in case you were, they’re the names of some of the most popular games in the history of their consoles. Games so epic that they will be retired among the likes of Pong and Pacman. Chances are you’ve also seen the ‘clones’ out there for other gaming systems, including your BlackBerry. Well these games aren’t comparable to the real thing, however they can be entertaining and worthwhile. An example of one of these titles is BerryRhythm from e-Mobile Software, Inc.

BerryRhythm has a simple premise that most anyone can understand. Your goal is to match the rhythm on the screen. You do this by hitting the corresponding buttons on every note that passes by. For example, a green note hits the play line so you hit the green note. Sounds easy right? Wrong! Try hitting multiple notes at one time then a sequence of multiple notes. Once you really get going you get all discombobulated. The trick is to get into the rhythm of the song. You earn points for each note hit, and combos earn you more points.

The games graphics aren’t fantastic, but you can’t expect much on my screen (Curve 8330). The game play takes awhile to get used to, but then again that’s kind of the point. It was hard to obtain technical specs of the game. So I couldn’t tell you how many songs you have access to or anything like that. In my opinion the makers rushed it out in an attempt to hitch a ride on the band wagon. (pun intended)

Although the game seems almost thrown together, it still had its moments and I found myself playing it in class while I was supposed to be working.

Unfortunately the small amount of amusement I got could not compensate for the extremely high price tag of $14.95.

Rating: 2/5 star BerryRhythm Game Review for BlackBerrystar BerryRhythm Game Review for BlackBerryblank star BerryRhythm Game Review for BlackBerryblank star BerryRhythm Game Review for BlackBerryblank star BerryRhythm Game Review for BlackBerry 

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