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BlackBerry Addiction Parallels Natures Calling

BlackBerry Vines Covering T BlackBerry Addiction Parallels Natures Calling

While surfing the RSS feeds on Vlingo, I came across another non-smartphone article that had the word blackberry in it.  Usually these are spectacular pie making contests or some festival in the far flung reaches of the universe, light years from the suburban hell I’m trapped in.  But today’s finding was that rare gem of literary genius that grabs you by the neck and screams, “READ ME YOU DOLT!”.

Yet, there is a sweet side to all this evil – those dark, succulent, addictive, corpulent masses of shining berries.

The title was the first thing that caught my attention, “For the evil blackberry, redemption”.  Could someone have besmirched my beloved electronic lifeline?

Those berries draw even the most avid non-native plant haters toward the sharp thorns and deep thickets, where a tumble or stumble dices and slices tender skin.

Upon further investigation the article is in fact the before mentioned non-smartphone variety, but fear not, this article has more parallels than the whole cosmos.  The writer, Chester Allen writes of love, pain and addiction in such a spellbinding way that I couldn’t help but follow the road his words laid before me. Although Chester was writing about a thorn covered menace, he was also describing the love affair we all have with our BlackBerry smartphones.

The corrupting influence of blackberries lasts long past the afternoon picking session, as humans can’t escape the need for more and more berries.

So I invite you to take a break from the printed circuit board and walk on the wild side.  Click Here for the full story on The Olympian and enjoy!

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