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BlackBerry Browser to the Rescue

untitled BlackBerry Browser to the RescueWhen I first got my BlackBerry Curve, the internet took a little bit for me to figure out. I now have the hang of it and it’s so easy. You can go to any web site you want, and it has great searches. For example, I lost the numbers for my previous jobs and I needed them quick and didn’t have a computer handy. I whipped out my handy BlackBerry, pushed the browser button, used Google and typed in the company name and city. When the search results came up I was very pleased because it had the name, address, and phone number right there on the results page. I was amazed how easy it was. Everything you need right at your finger tips.

As a side note: Although the browser is useful, it does come with it’s limitations.  The screen is only 320×240 compared to a normal computer screen which is approximately 1024×768, so there is some considerable scrunching going on.  To compensate you can easily zoom in or zoom out using the “I” and “O” button on the keyboard though.

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