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BlackBerry Busts Wallets: The Hidden Expenses

Remember when you first bought your BlackBerry? Chances are you busted the packaging open as soon as you got in the car and started fiddling around with it. We love our BlackBerrys for hundreds of reasons. But do buyers get so caught up in the excitement that they forget about the money? Let’s face the facts; BlackBerry’s are more expensive then regular cell phones. But do the features outweigh the cost?

First time BlackBerry owners probably don’t consider the cost while browsing for phones. Well the first thing to think about is BlackBerry models are more expensive than regular phones. But remember how much more you’re getting for your money. For starters, you’ll be getting a full keyboard. Secondly, you’ll be getting a dependable, durable phone. And you’ll be getting a phone with the ability to download a bunch of apps, themes, browse the internet and more.money 300x300 BlackBerry Busts Wallets: The Hidden Expenses

But doing all that isn’t going to come cheap! If you want to use all the cool features BlackBerry has to offer, you’re going to need to shell out a couple extra bucks a month. Chances are your BlackBerry’s going to come with an extra monthly fee. The fee covers all the extra chargers that enable you to connect to the internet and everything like that.

The last major hidden cost BlackBerry users don’t consider at first it all the apps. One of the biggest reasons people buy Berry is for the applications. Now, it’s hard to say how much each individual will spend on apps, themes, and other add-ons monthly. At a minimum I would expect the average user to spend at least twenty dollars a month. But it’s a small price to play for complete mobile customization!

All in all BlackBerrys will end up being above the cost a regular cell phone. But that’s not necessary a bad thing. Think about exactly what you’re paying for and you’ll probably agree that it’s worth it. So don’t be discouraged to go Berry, but don’t forget the cost!

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