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BlackBerry Completes the Social Circle

blackberry social circle 300x199 BlackBerry Completes the Social CircleRemember the days when computers were something only NASA had? When we asked our love interest out in person? Or the days when we had to meet with someone face to face if we wanted to talk. Well those days are in the past. Now, we simple pick up our phone, log on to our computer, or send a text whenever we’re feeling social.

But what about those times when we’re away from the home phone and computer? Well we have our cell phones to send texts or make a call. But with a massive amount of people connecting through email and social networking sites on a daily basis we need more than just a regular phone. Then there was the birth of the super cell phone, or smart phone and BlackBerry appeared.

BlackBerry wasn’t born on US soil though. In fact, it was brought to life to the north in Canada. Mounties with a need for smarter phones? I guess! But as US and other business men and women from various countries around the world started seeing the magnificent devices they had to have them. Before we knew it BlackBerry became a household name in all fifty states. But what exactly is it that makes BlackBerry so appealing? Well BlackBerry was among the first to connect people using email, social networking, and Instant Messaging.

The best business choice is without a doubt BlackBerry, and one of the biggest reasons is its ability to use email. BlackBerry was a pioneer in the field of linking email to cell phones. If you’re a business person you know how important your email is. Sometimes you check it three, four, twenty times a day. Well now you don’t necessarily need to be at the office or home to do so. BlackBerry separated us from the computer and enabled us freedom to roam. Sure most phones have adapted somewhat to email. But none are comparable to BlackBerry’s ease to using it.

The dawn of the twenty first century saw the rise of social networking websites like Myspace and Facebook. At first, they were a petty site for teens to chat and hook up on. But they have become a major social tool and even a way to meet and talk to customers and fellow co-workers. Today, it’s almost necessary to check your page on a daily basis for business reasons or just to catch up on some chat with a friend. But once again, users were previously tied to their computers, and once again BlackBerry liberated their bonds. You can now be viewing your social network within seconds via anywhere you have service.facebook 233x300 BlackBerry Completes the Social Circle

So what if you want to chat with someone from your BlackBerry that’s on a computer. Well email would work, but it would be slow and tedious. Luckily BlackBerry has your solution. The twenty first century also brought instant messaging to computers around the world. And the general rule of thumb is what goes on your computer will shortly be on your phone. BlackBerry was quick to adopt instant messaging into its ever expanding list of apps, giving you the ability to chat with anyone anywhere anytime.

It’s no secret that BlackBerry has changed the world’s ability to connect on countless levels. So next time you see a Canadian, give them a pat on the back and say thanks. Because without them who knows if we would’ve ever completed our social circle.

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