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BlackBerry Flip Phone: Dead on Arrival?

flip dead 300x138 BlackBerry Flip Phone: Dead on Arrival?

“A bit bulky and a bit late…” well that’s how Sascha Segan over at PCMag.com put it and I couldn’t agree more.  In the world of BlackBerry® there really is no place for a phone without a full keyboard.  Just look at the dismal sales and reviews the Storm has seen and then compare them to the runaway hit the Tour has been over the last few days.

Sure my son can type 100 words per minute on a standard phone number pad but honestly the vast majority of people don’t want to deal with that.  Personally I would rather see RIM® devote their time and energy into improving the type of phone that got them where they are today, instead of trying so hard to be different. (clickable touch screen = fail)

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