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BlackBerry Saves Halloween!

hauntedhouse1 289x300 BlackBerry Saves Halloween!Last night was Halloween night. As per usual, me and my brother worked all day and invested quite a large chunk of cash in setting up a haunted house in our garage. We made countless trips to the party store, spent hours hanging decorations from the garage ceiling, and investing whole pay checks into Halloween décor. We finally finished our haunted house at about 5:00 PM. Perfect timing, within an hour or two we would have hundreds of victims streaming through are howling halls!

But wait! We forgot the biggest piece of the puzzle, scary music! I quickly sprinted upstairs and jumped on my computer. The plan was to jump on iTunes and download a Halloween mix to my iPod. But as I searched through the iTunes store, I was surprised to find no Halloween album cheaper than $10! Now I’m willing to do a lot for a good scare, but I had already invested quite a bit in this project. I reluctantly purchased the over-priced album and ran back down stairs with iPod and iHome in hand.

I plugged my iHome in and then jammed my iPod into the connection slot. But something wasn’t right. My iPod wasn’t playing! I looked at my iPod and it was completely shut down. I tried restarting it, charging it, even rebooting it and nothing! Now are haunted house was just a garage with curtains and plastic bones!

Then I remembered the app I had downloaded for my BlackBerry earlier in the day. The Silent Hill ringtone pack! The app is loaded with nineteen frightening sounds that one might expect to find in a haunted house!

I was skeptical about the power of the speakers of my BlackBerry at first. But as the night progressed, my BlackBerry filled my garage with scary sounds that terrified tiny trick-or-treaters!

Now I don’t recommend using your BlackBerry for a surround sound system. However, I am confident in my BlackBerry and its ability to perform in sticky situations time and time again. I once said, in an earlier article, my BlackBerry was one of the best investments I’ve ever made. And because of nights like last night I’m reassured of that decision! So BlackBerry owners stand tall and walk proud, because you made an excellent choice!

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