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BlackBerry Storm 2 – Excited or Bored

storm2 bored verizon BlackBerry Storm 2   Excited or Bored

So according to just about every blog on the planet, the BlackBerry Storm 2 is soon to be released on the Verizon network.   Now here’s the rub, I’m just not all that excited.  Sure I will have to buy one so we can review it properly and develop apps for it, but I’m honestly just not that jazzed about it.

I guess the reason to me is pretty clear, I really disliked (hated) the original Storm so much that I’m not holding out much hope that the Storm 2 will be any better.

When I first heard about the Storm 2 I was more excited than I am now.  Why?  Because of the stupid insistence on RIMs part of making the screen click again.

Hey guys didn’t you learn with the first Storm, people don’t want to have to click down on the screen.  Instead we want to be able to just touch it and have it accurately capture the input.

Well that’s my two cents, if you purchased an original Storm, post a comment with your thoughts.

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