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BlackBerry Storm 2: Prepare to be Underwhelmed

storm 2 sucks BlackBerry Storm 2: Prepare to be Underwhelmed

Well folks I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but we got our Storm 2 this morning and I’m not impressed.  Actually to be more specific, I’m disappointed.

This has been billed as a great improvement over the original and sure there are things that have been improved, but overall the main thing we disliked about the original, the SurePress, is still there.  Not only is it still there but the general opinion in the office is that it’s just as bad as the original Storm.

Walt Mossberg from the Wall Street Journal called the phones interface “tired” and that is a very accurate description.  Although, tired may be a bit harsh, the stark reality is if you are going to produce a touchscreen phone then you should also take the time to develop a more robust interface that takes full advantage of it.

If you just got the Storm 2, please leave a comment telling us your experience.

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