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BlackBerry Torch More Like a Smoldering Match

BlackBerry Torch 9800 BlackBerry Torch More Like a Smoldering Match

** 08/18/10 ** Update:  Wow I thought my assessment was harsh, but Mark Raby at Tom’s Guide just threw a bucket of water on the Torch.  Read it here: http://www.tomsguide.com/us/Blackberry-Torch,review-1573.html

Research in Motions latest addition to the BlackBerry family the Torch was recently announced and before it’s even released I’m going to do a bad thing, I’m going to bash it.  Why you might ask?  Simple, RIM had a shot here to actually revamp a brand that was already sinking faster than the Titanic and yet the Torch is a complete swing and a miss.

Battery life was one of the gems of the BlackBerry line and yet the reported talk time of 5.5 hours of the Torch is even less than the power monger iPhone 4 at 7.0 hours.

The screen is another disappointment.  Why in the world would RIM use a screen with a resolution of 480×360 on the new phone, when most new phones have 3 times that number of pixels?  Simple, the outdated operating system that resembles DOS, probably works best at this resolution, which leads me to the last nail in the Torch coffin, the operating system.

Sure the Torch is supposed to come with the fancy new OS 6, but let’s be honest here.  It’s just a glorified version of it’s antiquated black and white screen from the past.  Seriously the BlackBerry screens remind me of the days of Wyse Terminals that were all green.  Sure some things are cool when they are retro, but a phone screen?

Then, as if you might have forgotten, do you remember the last two dismal attempts at a touch screen on a BlackBerry?  The Storm and it’s even more fail big brother the Storm 2, have left us shuddering at the memory of these poor attempts at an “iPhone Killer”.

Dan Frommer over at Business Insider, has actually had his mits on one and called it, “clunky”.

OK, the sentimental part of me that used to be tied to my BlackBerry wants this to be a great phone guys and gals, but from what I’ve read it will likely be the final hooray of a dying brand and company.

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