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BlackBerry Tour Debutes

BB Tour 300x138 BlackBerry Tour Debutes

As most of you know by now the BlackBerry® Tour came out today (12 July 09) and of course I had to run out right away and get my grubby fingers on one. My first impression was wow the screen is beautiful. At 480×360 it shares the same screen size as the Curve 8900 and the BlackBerry Storm.

Don’t be confused though, the display on the Tour is not the same physical dimensions as the Storm, it’s just that it has the same number of pixels crammed into a smaller space.

bbvsbb BlackBerry Tour Debutes

I headed over to the official Blackberry­­® website (www.blackberry.com) and did a quick comparison with the Storm. When I clicked on the “Display” option I was fascinated to see that the Tour has a feature called “Back lighting”. Should be interesting to see how that looks in different lighting.

The keys are a bit bizarre though because they are sort of contoured. Sort of reminds me of my first time typing on an ergonomic keyboard; strange but good. I really like the feel of the keys and have found that I seem to type a lot quicker now as well. (Now if only they had a Bluetooth adapter that could read minds and translate it into type)

The only negative I see thus far is the trackball seems to be a little “sticky”? I’m not sure that’s the best description, but it’s what came to mind.

Stay tuned for more….

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