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BlackBerry Tour Simulator Arrives!

Shark Bites Idiot BlackBerry Tour Simulator Arrives!

While desperately searching for any signs that Plazmic or Research in Motion (RIM) were preparing to release an update to the Content Developers Kit (CDK), I ran across the Simulator file for the BlackBerry Tour in the Developers Area on the official RIM web site.

Here is a link: http://na.blackberry.com/eng/developers/resources/simulators.jsp

Just click on the link and then select then select BlackBerry Device Simulators v4.7.1

For those that aren’t sure what all of this means.  There is a vibrant community of theme developers, myself included, that create themes for BlackBerry smartphones.   To do this we use the Content Developers Kit (CDK) which can be downloaded for free at http://www.plazmic.com.

Unfortunately for us and the people who buy the latest and greatest BlackBerry smartphone, RIM and Plazmic have a bad habit of releasing a new phone and not releasing a corresponding update to the CDK so we can create themes for them.  This was most notibly the case with the BlackBerry Storm.  It was the most notable because the Storm not only came with a new updated operating system, but also had a touch screen.  But to everyone’s dismay, it took RIM and Plazmic over 3 months to release a working version of the CDK.

You have to understand that theme developers seem to have a personality disorder that closely resembles a shark frenzy while waiting for a new CDK.  As a clear example, take a look at the very active forum over at Crackberry.com (http://forums.crackberry.com/f148/).  The condition even follows a predictable pattern that goes something like this:

  1. Search for an updated CDK
  2. Resignation that the updated CDK doesn’t exist
  3. Try to hack one of the existing theme templates within the CDK
  4. Resignation that there is no hack
  5. See some poor sap post something crazy like “I got it to work”
  6. Watch the poor sap get verbally abused until he closes his account
  7. Resignation that the poor sap was just an attention grabbing idiot
  8. Return to step #1 and the cycle begins all over again

So with this most recent find, my hope is that we are seeing the first signs of an upcoming release of a new CDK so we can start making themes to replace the horrid ones that came with the BlackBerry Tour.

Anyone else see blood in the water?

Tour Simlator BlackBerry Tour Simulator Arrives!

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