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BlackBerry Use Makes You Suicidal?

blackberry suicide BlackBerry Use Makes You Suicidal?

Well it might not directly cause you to be suicidal but if you work for France Telecom it could be that trigger that pushes you over the edge.  Since the beginning of 2008, 22 workers have committed suicide and 13 have attempted it at the newly privatized French company.

These aren’t just people going home and slitting their wrists, no they are offing themselves at work in gruesome ways.  One man actually stabbed himself in the stomach during a meeting and a woman threw herself out of a window.

Although the article doesn’t directly blame the BlackBerry, it does say that having a constant stream of emails at work and at home due to BlackBerry use could be a contributing factor.

As a note for all the CrackBerry.com fans out there, the article even mentions the use of the term CrackBerry and it’s relation to the addiction some feel toward their little electronic buddy.

[source: News.com]

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