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Code Released for Making Spyware on BlackBerry

spyware code blackberry1 Code Released for Making Spyware on BlackBerry

According to an article over at NetworkWorld, spyware writer Tyler Shields with Veracode Research Lab, has released spyware source code (TXSBBspy) which is essentially a blueprint on how to develop spyware for the BlackBerry.  He calls the source code a blueprint for malware on the BlackBerry, showing how it’s possible to remotely dump all the contents, send the contents via e-mail, and conduct real-time monitoring of phone messages.

His reasoning is that by doing this it will open everyone’s eyes to the very real threat that exists with embedded spyware in applications.

“The Blackberry ‘sandbox’ keeps you from getting into the operating system level. It’s effective for that,” says Tyler Shields, senior researcher at Veracode Research Lab and author of the Blackberry spyware. “BlackBerry is one of the better operating systems in regards to security,” he says, “but in the sandbox you can steal data.”

The source code released apparently shows how easy it is for a developer to code malware into their application which then can harvest emails and personal information and send it on to the third party, unbeknownst to the BlackBerry owner.

[source: NetworkWorld]

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