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BlackBerry will Connect to Car Navigation System

nokia smartphone navigation BlackBerry will Connect to Car Navigation System

Have you ever seen the big display navigation screens in some of the newer cars and thought, “wow, if only I could tie other things into that”?  Well Nokia has announced today that they have the technology to allow a conventional smartphone (think BlackBerry) to work with a standard on board navigation system.

According to the story on Directions Magazine the connectivity between the car and the smartphone could allow the display of engine status, fuel levels, and location (GPS) information.   In this setup, the on-board navigation system acts like a surrogate display for the smartphone.  Not much unlike what the new Celio Redfly is reported to do.

“We are happy to be part of this new innovation and looking forward to the new opportunities this technology can bring,” said Vesa Luiro, head of navigation development, Nokia. “The infotainment system of a modern car is a natural extension for the capabilities of smartphones. Not only will it simplify the use of turn-by-turn voice guidance from Ovi Maps, but also provide a new and easy way of accessing other content on the smartphone, such as music and delivering automotive specific widgets from the OVI Store.”

One of the most exciting and useful features would be the integration of an Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) which would warn the driver of any upcoming road hazards and other potential problems.

Connection between the smartphone and the navigation system would be through either Bluetooth or even a USB cable.  The latter being necessary for longer journeys.

Once synced up with the on-board system, the smartphones processor / internet access could be used to access information using voice, touch or traditional in car controls such as steering wheel buttons.

Personally I would like to see this connected with a Toyota Prius, as the screens in those cars are very nice and already have integration with other on-boards car systems that the typical car navigation does not.

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