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BlackBerry’s BerryTunes 2.5 Review

berrytunes1 300x225 BlackBerrys BerryTunes 2.5 ReviewYou can’t walk anywhere anymore without seeing someone with ear phones in their ears. Portable music has changed since the dawn of the walk man and the CD player. Now kids are packing hundreds of thousands of songs onto MP3 players no bigger than a deck of cards. But BlackBerry owners don’t want to be seen carrying around an iPod. Well luckily, VirtualView has found a solution for us by introducing BerryTunes 2.5.

BerryTunes 2.5 has brought BlackBerry into the world of portable music players and MP3s. Before the development of music apps, BlackBerry owners had to carry a separate devices to hold and play there music. Well now all you need is your BlackBerry, BerryTunes 2.5, and preferably an SD card.

BerryTunes attacks the audio world from three different points: MP3, pod casts, and radio. For starters, you can import MP3 files from your computer directly onto your BlackBerry and store them in this app. The app comes with software for Windows, so you don’t have to try to transfer music between different programs. All you need is a USB cord that connects your phone and computer. You can choose to either store the songs in your internal memory or on an SD card. I recommend choosing the SD card because it has more space available.

The second way to receive audio through this app is pod casts. For those of you who don’t know, pod casts are like talk shows on the radio. So, you receive the pod cast as an audio file and can play it at your leisure. You can either choose pod casts from a pre made list in the application, or add your own. Listen to discussions on every topic from sports, to music, media, and more!

The final way this app enables you to listen to music is the most impressive. The feature of enabling your device to receive internet radio gives it literally endless possibilities. Listen to over 100 radio channels and choose from 20 different genres. With such a wide field, you’re sure to find something you like.berrytunes2 300x225 BlackBerrys BerryTunes 2.5 Review

The interface for this app is simple, but user friendly. Agreeably it could have been more decorative, however it makes it extremely easy to navigate around and do what you want.

I would recommend this app because it can replace expensive iPods or MP3 players. It’s easy to use, installs fast, and provides quality service. For the price of $19.99 you may consider it expensive, but keep in mind exactly what you get!

Rating: 5/5 star BlackBerrys BerryTunes 2.5 Reviewstar BlackBerrys BerryTunes 2.5 Reviewstar BlackBerrys BerryTunes 2.5 Reviewstar BlackBerrys BerryTunes 2.5 Reviewstar BlackBerrys BerryTunes 2.5 Review 

buynow cat BlackBerrys BerryTunes 2.5 Review

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