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BlackBerrys and Bulldogs: Proven Durability

bulldogJust minutes ago I returned from a friend’s house, a friend who happens to own three bulldogs. Now, I’ve visited these dogs before and have never had a problem, in fact they’re some of the nicest dogs I’ve met. However, throw a BlackBerry with a dog whistle into the mix and you’ve got a problem.

I can’t say exactly what prompted me to test out my dog whistle app at that point in time. But for some reason, I took out my BlackBerry and started messing around with different whistles. Immediately the dogs starting going crazy, grunting, groaning, and howling. But what came next I did not expect.

I set my phone down to chase after and pick up one of the dogs. While doing so, however, the largest bulldog pounced on the table and grabbed my phone in his slobbery jaw. I immediately halted my chase of one bulldog and changed target to the one with my precious phone. We ran around and around until finally I managed to pry my BlackBerry from its kidnapper.

Although hopeful, I feared the worse for my technological friend. As I turned the phone over inspecting it I noticed several teach scratches and globs of slobber hanging from it. I carefully polished it over with a towel and pressed the on button, fully prepared for it not to work.

But once again the BlackBerry brand came through for me and my Phone lit up with life! I was so relieved and happy I didn’t even scold the captor! This was yet another situation in which BlackBerry has proven its durability!

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I'm currently studying to become an environmental engineer. I love to write and often do so in my spare time. I love technology and would be lost without it, but still feel a strong connection to the outside world and nature.

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