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Bob Marley Theme Review for BlackBerry

bobmarley1 Bob Marley Theme Review for BlackBerryThe king of reggae is known around the world not only for his music, but his influence on countless thousands. He opened doors for an entire people that we’re previously shut before. He produced the music that fueled and entire generation. And he solidified his place among the best musicians in the world. However, Bob Marley has made yet another notable impression not commonly associated with himself. He’s broken onto the BlackBerry scene, with and entire theme dedicated to him. The new Bob Marley theme, by Paige All Day, brings the one of kind reggae feeling to BlackBerrys everywhere.

For starters, the theme follows the red, green, and yellow commonly found around reggae music. For some reason, this color theme is very relaxing and calming. Next, each screen has a different image of the king himself. Whether he’s pouring his heart out on stage or he’s behind the scenes expressing himself, chances are this theme has a picture of it. Luckily, if you want to add your own custom image to the main screen, you can replace it with your own background.

The buttons for this app are some of the best I’ve seen on a theme. Most apps will just recycle the buttons from the old theme; however this theme completely redid most of the buttons throughout the entire menu. The buttons have a faded, simple quality that gives them a reggae feeling. Lastly, the text throughout this app has been transformed into something similar to that which you would find on a faded tee. For example, the clock and date are written in a yellow, block-like, faded font that gives it a relaxed feel.

bobmarley2 300x225 Bob Marley Theme Review for BlackBerryAnother option this app offers up, that’s not commonly seen on themes, is the ability to customize certain icons and wallpapers. So, if a background picture just isn’t doing it for you, try adding your own. Or if you’re getting two icons mixed up because they look similar, swap one out.

The tech specs for this app are surprisingly well done. I found it hard to find any major navigational errors. It’s super easy to move around. On most themes I find a point where it’s hard to read text, however I didn’t find anything like that in this theme. It was all around well polished.

All in all this is a very well done, designed, and executed theme. Obviously, you have to be a certain type of person to desire a theme like this. That being said, fans of reggae and Bob Marley will love this theme. For the price of $2.99 it’s a little above average as far as themes go. But can you really put a price on an international influence?

Rating: 4.5/5 star Bob Marley Theme Review for BlackBerrystar Bob Marley Theme Review for BlackBerrystar Bob Marley Theme Review for BlackBerrystar Bob Marley Theme Review for BlackBerryhalf star Bob Marley Theme Review for BlackBerry 

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