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Bottomless BlackBerrys: Hundreds of Thousands of Apps

One of the biggest reasons people choose BlackBerry compared to generic phones is the ability to customize your device with just about every app under the sun. You can make your BlackBerry your own by choosing a unique theme. You can turn your BlackBerry into a fun phone by adding a wide variety of games. And you can make your BlackBerry work for you by adding different tools. I’ve separated all these reasons to tell you why they make BlackBerry reign supreme.

blackberrythemes 300x217 Bottomless BlackBerrys: Hundreds of Thousands of Apps 1. Themes

Chances are the phone you had before you bought your BlackBerry was a bland, generic phone that had little opportunity to customize it. Sure, most phones have a sleek and sexy exterior, but there’s only so much you can do with the actual interface of your phone. You might have the chance to pick from two or three different color schemes, but no other phone compares to the BlackBerry when it comes to choosing a theme.

With thousands of themes to choose from, there’s one for every BlackBerry owner. Maybe you’re into luxury cars, or cartoons, nature, sports, electronics, aviation, whatever it is there’s most likely a theme for it. And the best part is once you get tired of a certain theme you can change it for just a few bucks!

When it comes to customizing the look if your phone BlackBerry has the competition smoked with access to thousands of unique themes you won’t find anywhere else.

2. Games

Recently, phones have become as much about entertainment as they have about communication. Well luckily BlackBerry has kept up with the modern world by introducing thousands of games. Play every genre from action, adventure, and sports, to word, strategy, and puzzle. Whether you’re looking to pass a few idle minutes or play for hours at a time, there’s a BlackBerry game for you.blackberrygames1 300x214 Bottomless BlackBerrys: Hundreds of Thousands of Apps

It’s true that most phones have access to a bunch of games. But most of them are simple and you can only play for a few minutes. Well, because of the complexity of BlackBerry, the devices have access to a higher level of gaming. Play games with actual plot lines and legitimate goals, not just games that aim for a simple high score. And generally speaking, games developed for BlackBerry have much more appealing graphics and control schemes.

So if you’re looking for a work phone that knows how to have a little fun, look no further than BlackBerry.

blackberry apps 300x267 Bottomless BlackBerrys: Hundreds of Thousands of Apps 3. Tools and Utilities

BlackBerry was one of the pioneers in the world of adding helpful apps to hand held devices. Before the birth of the smart phone, phones were limited to simple acts like calling. Well now you can get a tool for almost anything on you’re BlackBerry. Check weather, email, and social networking sites. Get directions and information from the web. Make ring tones and record notes. Edit video and pictures. Make calenders and reminders. And do so much more.

No matter what you’re looking to do there’s most likely an app out there to do it. All you need is a few bucks and some extra memory to make your BlackBerry the perfect tool that fits your lifestyle. So put your BlackBerry to work for you!

Because users can customize their phone with themes, games and different tools, BlackBerry has become one of the leaders in smart phones, and it’s no wonder why. The ability to fit your phone to how you live your life makes it an invaluable tool in today’s world.

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