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Bought a New BlackBerry But Dont Have a Clue How to Use It?

Verizon BlackBerry Resource1 Bought a New BlackBerry But Dont Have a Clue How to Use It?

Well you are in luck.  Verizon announced today that they have setup an “Online Smartphone Resource Center” at http://smartphones.verizonwireless.com/.

Ok that sounds lofty but when I visited the site, I was impressed by the level of detail it provides .  I was also pleasantly surprised to see that it is all visual based, which is great for me because I hate wading through page after page of boring text just to find that one little tidbit of information.

The Resource Center lets customers explore the features, details and specifications of Verizon Wireless’ range of smartphones; receive in-depth training and answers to commonly asked questions on each model; and experience interactive simulators to learn about advanced functionality. Want to see what others are saying about your the BlackBerry you have in mind?  The interactive Web site also features an online community to allow customers to post reviews and participate in discussions with others.

When you go to the site, ignore all of the sales nonsense and jump straight to the good stuff by clicking on the “Smartphone Support” button.  Once there, just select your BlackBerry model and away you go.  It’s all point and click with interactive images and pop-up information.

Good Luck and remember, you are the master of the phone and not the other way around.

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