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Brickbreaker Breakdown Review of the Classic BlackBerry Game

brickbreaker Brickbreaker Breakdown Review of the Classic BlackBerry GameSo you find yourself sitting in a leather office chair, leaning back ever so precariously roaming the applications of your BlackBerry to find some means of entertainment. Suddenly you come across a display of colorful bricks and a menacing sphere, BrickBreaker!

Well don’t let the colors fool you. BrickBreaker can be entertaining…if you have no other options that is. Imagine a one sided game of pong on speed and you have BrickBreaker. This game application comes standard on all BlackBerry models, and it’s no wonder why. The game play is boring and after a while monotonous.  However, the games special bonus feature might get some fans of vintage gaming excited. Possible power-ups like lasers, bombs, and extra lives may make you feel like your back in the arcade gunning for the high score on a retro console.

The average gamer will most likely not enjoy BrickBreaker and will only use it in a time of desperation (i.e. the airport or business meetings). For those who really want a gaming experience from their BlackBerry I recommend spending a few bucks for a game you choose and download to your device.

Verdict: 2 out of 5 Stars.

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