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Brio Calorie Tracker for BlackBerry Review

briocalorietracker 300x200 Brio Calorie Tracker for BlackBerry ReviewThere are few among us who could honestly say they’re not trying to lose weight. We’ve tried hundreds of different diets and books, hired expensive personal trainers, and even tried committing to an intense work out schedule. Yet we can rarely stick to any of them long enough to show results. Well one of the best way to lose weight isn’t fancy diets, its counting calories. If you can calculate how much calories your specific body needs a day and just eat that amount or less, than you’ll start to lose weight in no time! But who has time to do all that in a busy day’s schedule? Well now it’s as easy as turning on your BlackBerry.

Brio Calorie Tracker, from Brio Mobile, is an app you can use on a daily basis to count your personal calorie intake. You star out everyday with a zero and add foods and their calories as the day progresses. It’s a simple habit to get into, every time you sit down for a meal take start up the app and enter the date real quick. First you name the item and then you add how many calories it has. And in today’s world you can find calories for just about everything you eat.

The app then saves your data throughout the day on a list below the input table. And you can also keep a detailed history of the previous entries for up to a month. This can be converted and shown as a bar graph so you can compare days. Made a mistake? Brio Calorie Tracker allows you to go back and edit, delete, or add items you might have forgotten. So the apps accuracy relies on you!

The interface for this app is simple with ease of use. The text could be a bit bolder but overall it’s attractive. The app is easy to use and doesn’t take too long to catch on. The hardest part is probably remembering to input information before every meal.

Now I’m not a specialist, but I can see this application helping with weight loss if it was paired with a light exercise or something like that. The price for this app is unbelievable, it’s free! So why not give it a try? For a small suggestion try pairing it with the Star Exercise Assistant application. Together who knows the possibilities!

Rating: 4/5 star Brio Calorie Tracker for BlackBerry Reviewstar Brio Calorie Tracker for BlackBerry Reviewstar Brio Calorie Tracker for BlackBerry Reviewstar Brio Calorie Tracker for BlackBerry Reviewblank star Brio Calorie Tracker for BlackBerry Review 

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