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Buy a BlackBerry and you Wont Have to Void the Warranty to Have Fun!

iPhone Behind Bars1 300x202 Buy a BlackBerry and you Wont Have to Void the Warranty to Have Fun!I saw a recent article on Wired.com called
6 Reasons to Jailbreak Your iPhone” and was amazed to learn something that most iPhone users already know.  If you want use certain applications with your iPhone then you have to jailbreak it.  This apparently means you flash the phone with a hacked copy of the operating system, and this essentially voids your warranty.

Heck there are even web stores setup on the internet just to sell applications for iPhones that have been modified in this manner.

One of the most common reasons of late to do this, is to be able to get Google Voice which was removed from the official Apple app store and angered many iPhone owners.

Just another reason to love my BlackBerry!

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