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Car Loan Calculator App Review for BlackBerry

CLCBE1 300x225 Car Loan Calculator App Review for BlackBerryMost of us wish we could get a new car. The only problem is to do so you have to go to a dealership. And chances are you hate going to the dealership. You have to spend all day listening to some guy drone on about all the features of a car that, in reality, he probably knows very little about. That’s what car shopping use to be like. Nowadays anyone can browse the internet through thousands of cars locally without ever having to leave home. And you no longer have to contact the dealer to get an estimate of monthly payments. All you need is your BlackBerry and The Car Loan Calculator app from Jengun.

The Car Loan Calculator app, or CLC, is an app that can help car buyers estimate their monthly payments, compare gas mileage between cars, and even tell you what price range to look in depending on your desired monthly payment.

For starters, CLC will break down the total price of a car into monthly payments. What you’ll need is the initial purchase price of the car (don’t forget to add tax and title fees), the down payment you plan to put down, the loan term in months, and the interest rate. Once you enter all this data into the payment estimation screen, hit the calculate button. Below, you will see the loan amount, your monthly payment, and your total payment.

Next, the CLC can help you compare gas mileage and cost between two vehicles. Hit the fuel cost button on the main menu and enter the current fuel cost per gallon and the average gas mileage of a car. Then hit calculate to see how much each car will cost in a given amount of time. This is a great tool considering how much gas can end up costing each month.

The last main feature of this app is its ability to match you with an overall loan amount when you give your desired monthly cost. So, you tell the app how much you would like your monthly payment to be. You also need to feed in the loan term in months, down payment and the interest rate. Hit calculate and the app will show the loan amount you can afford.CLCBE2 300x225 Car Loan Calculator App Review for BlackBerry

A few other features this app includes are the ability to switch between currencies that include: USD, GBP, YEN, and the EURO. You can also change font, text and buttons sizes and style. Although the interface is already fairly well done, so I see no point in changing it around. Navigation is as easy as moving and clicking via the track ball.

All around this is a great app for what it’s designed to do. If you’re in the market for a car it’s definitely worth spending the $2.99 on. I’ve used it while shopping around for my next car, and I can confidently say it’s been a great tool to have. Not to mention it beats haggling with sleezy car salesmen!

Rating: 5/5 star Car Loan Calculator App Review for BlackBerrystar Car Loan Calculator App Review for BlackBerrystar Car Loan Calculator App Review for BlackBerrystar Car Loan Calculator App Review for BlackBerrystar Car Loan Calculator App Review for BlackBerry 

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