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Car’s Meditation Custom BlackBerry Theme Review

carsmeditation Car’s Meditation Custom BlackBerry Theme ReviewMost of us hate the piece of junk car we are forced to drive on a daily basis to and from work. Wouldn’t the one hour commute be a little easier to handle if we were driving the car of our dreams? Well now you can see how it feels to be the driver of the fanciest car on the freeway, well kind of. Given, unless you win the lottery most of us won’t be driving our dream car anytime soon. However, we can get that luxury car feeling on your BlackBerrys!

Car’s Meditation Custom, a theme from MMMOOO, is designed around the luxurious and bold look of a custom dream car. The theme’s interface is mildly simple, the outline of a black car, I’m guessing a Mercedes Benz or a Bentley, against an even blacker background. The cars grill and headlights make it stand out against the dark, and its occasional shine gives it a rich look.

The buttons all share their original look, but are turned more vibrant and almost shinier. The unselected button turn a bit faded, while the selected button is boxed by a fluorescent blue light that gives a futuristic feeling. The date and title are stacked and written in a simple, yet elegant form. The best new feature, in my opinion, is the make over of the battery and signal strength icons. Instead of the boring old ones, these are transformed into two fuel measuring meters. This really completes the look and feel of an inside-of-a-car environment.

The developers promise free updates in the future, although I find it hard to see what they will change. I’m hoping for interchangeable backgrounds, as the current one tends to get boring. MMMOOO also offers the feature to customize the theme with your name and company logo. All you have to do is send in the company and go from there.

Overall the theme is well done and I was hard pressed to find any flaws. However, I can see a lot of people just not being interested in this theme. Maybe the businessman or women would enjoy this theme as a symbol of class. But the average BlackBerry user would probably prefer something more their style.

Rating: 4/5 star Car’s Meditation Custom BlackBerry Theme Reviewstar Car’s Meditation Custom BlackBerry Theme Reviewstar Car’s Meditation Custom BlackBerry Theme Reviewstar Car’s Meditation Custom BlackBerry Theme Reviewblank star Car’s Meditation Custom BlackBerry Theme Review 

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