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Cat Emergency for BlackBerry

blackberry cat emergency 225x300 Cat Emergency for BlackBerryCat emergency is a helpful application to have on your BlackBerry if you own a cat. It gives useful information on how to handle emergency situations with your cat, should one arise.  The information provided was a little hard to read though, due to the small size of the print.

Most, if not all the information given could be easily found on Google, if you are at home with your cat and own a computer.  It could be quicker though with this handy application, if your phone was close by, and the icon was visible on your phone.  It might however be useful if your pet was at home with someone else while you are away, or if you are traveling with your animal and have quicker access to your phone than a computer at the time of the emergency.

The application is a small page of information with only fourteen topics. I thought that this application was very overpriced at the list price of $5.99 but I see now it’s on sale at $2.99 and that’s more reasonable.

Rating: 3/5 star Cat Emergency for BlackBerrystar Cat Emergency for BlackBerrystar Cat Emergency for BlackBerryblank star Cat Emergency for BlackBerryblank star Cat Emergency for BlackBerry 

buynow cat Cat Emergency for BlackBerry

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