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Cellphone Bans Dont Reduce Accidents

cell phone ban driving 192x300 Cellphone Bans Dont Reduce Accidents

Recently I wrote an several articles blasting some local governments for banning cell phone use while driving. [NTSB Bans Texting and Talking for Employees while Driving][The Government will Save Us from Ourselves!]

Well now a recent survey from Highway Loss Data Institute reportedly shows that there is no direct reduction in automobile collisions after bans on cell phone use are put in place.  They came to this determination after monitoring adjacent counties in 5 different states, half which had recently instituted bans.

Of course the “experts” are completely baffled by this since all of their research showed that cell phone use does result in distracted driving.

Honestly I’m a bit surprised myself by the findings, but stand by my earlier statements that the government’s insistence on protecting us from ourselves with more laws is a waste of time and not constitutionally correct.

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Daniel Black is the President and CEO of MobiMadness, Inc. Over the last 4 decades Dan has been an IT Director, Project Manager, Firefighter, EMT, and Army Staff Sergeant (retired).

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