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Certify Wallet App Review for BlackBerry

certifywallet 300x225 Certify Wallet App Review for BlackBerryAre you a small business owner that thrives on keeping your finances in order? Or maybe you’re someone who just likes knowing where their money goes? Well whatever the case, chances are one of your biggest nuisances is receipts. Nowadays, you get a receipt for pretty much everything you buy. Personally, I have a cup holder in my car full of them. The financially smart person will take time to write each purchase down in their check book right? Well what if I don’t have time. Well a new app called Certify Wallet is solving that problem.

Certify Wallet, by Certify, LLC, is a basic organizational financial app with a bunch of bonus features. Basically, the apps purpose is to keep track of purchases on a business level. For starters, you’ll be prompted to either enter a receipt with a picture or without one. Once you’ve done so, you can enter the receipts date, category, amount, and description.

The app will automatically use the current date for new additions. In the category box, you’ll need to enter what type of purchase you made. For example, computer accessories, food, stuff like that. In the description category you can enter in your own name of what you purchased. And lastly, you can select whether the purchase is reimbursable or billable. This is great if you’re paying for business items that you can be repaid for.

All in all this was a well put together app. With the bonus feature of having the ability to forward your data to a boss or payroll, it could definitely help in the office. The interface is user friendly and well crafted. The best part about this app is it’s absolutely free. So check out Certify Wallet now!

Rating: 5/5 star Certify Wallet App Review for BlackBerrystar Certify Wallet App Review for BlackBerrystar Certify Wallet App Review for BlackBerrystar Certify Wallet App Review for BlackBerrystar Certify Wallet App Review for BlackBerry 

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