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Chalkboard Theme Review For BlackBerry

chalkboard1 300x225 Chalkboard Theme Review For BlackBerryThemes are a big reason why people buy BlackBerry. The ability to trick out your phone with virtually any theme under the sun makes users feel unique. And with a huge array of themes available for just about every interest out there, chances are there’s one for you. Well I recently checked out a new theme, by Paige All Day, which can bring a classroom feeling to your BlackBerry.

The new Chalkboard theme is a theme based on the old chalkboards of a schoolroom. Now, obviously this theme just simply isn’t for everyone. However, for the select audience that might be interested in checking it out, I recommend doing so.

For starters, the wall paper on every screen is a classic green chalkboard. The top and bottom of the screen are lined with a wood grain look just like you would find on the edge of a chalkboard. And of course all the text is written in white chalk. The icons are all drawn in a simple chalk outline, however some have deeper details. They line up on the right side of the screen opposed to along the bottom.

If you don’t like the icons, they’re completely customizable. The time, date, battery life, reception and other standard information is written on the top of the screen in its usual place, but is also in chalk writing.chalkboard2 300x225 Chalkboard Theme Review For BlackBerry

I failed to find any flaws in this theme, the only one being its target audience. It’s simply not broad enough to capture the interest of everyone. However, it’s a theme and it’s supposed to be unique. My mother who is a teacher loved this theme and now uses it. So I expect target audiences such as that will be interested. For the price of $1.50 it’s definitely worth considering and checking out.

Rating: 4/5 star Chalkboard Theme Review For BlackBerrystar Chalkboard Theme Review For BlackBerrystar Chalkboard Theme Review For BlackBerrystar Chalkboard Theme Review For BlackBerryblank star Chalkboard Theme Review For BlackBerry 

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