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Cheating Spouses Text Messages Used as Evidence

face punch 300x211 Cheating Spouses Text Messages Used as Evidence

According to an article on Cellular News, text message can now be used as evidence of adultery in France.  Although they have long been used in more severe cases such as murders, robbery,etc., the new ruling now allows them into the family law arena.

Unlike in the United States,  in France, if the spouses fail to agree to separate by mutual consent they have to prove either their spouse was unfaithful or abusive.

Unfortunately for the wayward adulterer, deleting the text message wont suffice since telecom companies report that they can still retrieve the text messages up to 10 days later.

Here’s a beauty of a quote from a French divorce lawyer, “People no longer want to stay and be annoyed by a spouse they cannot stand.” No kidding?

In a not exactly related story, the French President had his own SMS issues lately when a newspaper ran a fake text message he was reported to have sent to his former wife. Click Here to read about it.

Those crazy Frenchmen and their cell phone woes.

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  2. vammo says:

    Whether they are admissible in court or not, intercepting text messages is one of the best ways to bust a cheating lover. They will text (and then delete) way more than they call because they are afraid that the number of their paramour might appear on a shared cell phone bill.

    I recommend the Cell Phone Detective kit. It allows you to read every text message (in and out) and listen in on calls.

    You can get it here: