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ChristmasCard App Review: Merry Xmas!

xmascard11 225x300 ChristmasCard App Review: Merry Xmas!It’s getting to be that time of year when it’s cold outside. And that can only mean one thing, Christmas! For those of us who celebrate Christmas, there’s not a better Holiday. Presents, family, time off school and work, and the big guy himself Santa! But there’s one pesky thing to do that always happens to slip our minds, sending out Christmas cards. For the relatives who you don’t quite know, but are still obligated to acknowledge you send them Christmas cards. Well nowadays “they were lost in the mail” isn’t an excuse considering the vast virtual world. Now you can send Christmas cards directly from your BlackBerry!

The ChristmasCard app, by Volcari Software, is an app that allows you to create and send virtual cards from your BlackBerry. The application is simple yet effective. You can open a pre-installed picture of a Christmas tree and presents, and then insert your own personal text. Then you can email that card to anyone you want, all from your BlackBerry.

The first bug, I haven’t the slightest idea on how to import or obtain different images. The app just simply didn’t come with enough instructions. So now I’m stuck with this Christmas tree card and nothing else! The seconds bug, you can’t do anything special to the text. We should be able to warp, color, enlarge and change the text, yet all we can do is type it in plain black.

xmascard2 225x300 ChristmasCard App Review: Merry Xmas!Now I’m assuming there is in fact a way to import your own photos or at least get more from the developer or something. But right now this app just isn’t worth the expensive price tag. At $4.99 I’ll stick with HallMark. Hopefully the developers fix the bugs and make it worth the money.

Rating: 2/5 star ChristmasCard App Review: Merry Xmas!star ChristmasCard App Review: Merry Xmas!blank star ChristmasCard App Review: Merry Xmas!blank star ChristmasCard App Review: Merry Xmas!blank star ChristmasCard App Review: Merry Xmas! 

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