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Control Your Car with Your Smartphone

Volt App Control Your Car with Your Smartphone

Chevy announced today that they will provide an application for select smartphones (BlackBerry, iPhone and Droid) that will allow Volt owners to control their cars remotely.  This works in conjunction with the OnStar system that is standard on select Chevy cars and allows the user to do tasks that previously required the OnStar customer to call a representative to do, such as unlock doors, charge status, and even remotely start the car.

What the heck is the Volt?  Well it’s a new car from Chevy that will be launched in November of 2010 and will drive on battery power for up to 40 miles without a recharge.

To see a demo of the application and learn more about the Volt, visit the links below.

http://www.OnStarMobileDemo.com and http://www.thecarconnection.com/modelintro/chevrolet_volt_2011

[source: FoxNews.com]

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