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Cool Device Alert! iTech Dynamics SolarCharger 906

iTech Solar BlackBerry1 Cool Device Alert! iTech Dynamics SolarCharger 906

It’s not very often that a new device comes along that instantly becomes a must have device, but that’s exactly what happened when we we received our SolarCharger 906 from iTech Dynamic.

First off this thing has some serious WOW factor.  It’s sleek black case goes perfectly with our BlackBerry smartphones and it even comes with 10 adapters for a plethora of other phones.

What is the SolarCharger 906?

Well as you might have guessed the SolarCharger 906 is a essentially a solar charger with a built in rechargeable battery.  When the battery has a full charge, it will provide enough juice to recharge an average phone.  Of course you can also charge your phone while the 906 is recharing it’s own battery via sunlight.  The SolarCharger 906 also comes with a nice clear plastic holder for mounting it on a window.

There are literally a hundred or more circumstances where having an emergency source of power for a phone would be a life saver and the SolarCharger 906 fits the bill perfectly.  Since it has it’s own built-in battery, you can use this to recharge your phone day or night.  It’s also small, light weight and rugged enough to be the perfect item for the outdoors person in your family, that crazy survivalist nut on your wife’s side of the family or the tree hugger who wants to save the world one phone charge at a time.

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