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Cool Device Alert: Worlds Smallest Watch Cell Phone

W Phone Watch Cool Device Alert:  Worlds Smallest Watch Cell Phone

For the technology oriented guys and girls out there (techo geeks) a new cool device can be pure nirvana .  Well geeks rejoice, Kempler & Strauss has just released a watch that is also a cell phone!  They are calling it the W Watchphone and it’s the coolest thing since the cold stone met ice cream.  As a note, it’s also the smallest cell phone watch in the world.

The beautiful thing is that this tiny device is more complex than the average T-Mobile simple phone that you’d find on the market today. It features a touch screen, micro SD slot (think music), built-in camera, video recorder and of course, an mp3 player. The W Watchphone also has Bluetooth and will sync up with your existing headset or even your car. But to get the full meal deal you need to buy the Kempler & Strauss Communicator to go along with your new gadget.

The company says that the W Watchphone incorporates a new micro-touch interface that is designed to be operated by finger tip, eliminating the need for a stylus to dial numbers, navigate the menus or even to send text messages.

I for one am jazzed to try this out and have requested a demo unit.  I will be sure to create a nice demo video when I get my grubby fingers on this.

More information or ordering available at http://www.kemplerusa.com/

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