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Dancify Dreamtones App Review

dancify2 300x225 Dancify Dreamtones App ReviewThe average every day life of today’s modern world is filled with stress. Our clogged schedules, heavy work hours, and lack of relaxation often lead to the feelings of a life unlived. We all need to take a minute and relax. Just put life on pause, take a deep breath, and DANCE! Nothing clears the mind, body, or soul like dancing like a crazy fool. And believe it or not, everyone does it at sometime or another. The only problem is none of us carry around music we can dance to. Well now you can be the life of the party with Dancify Dreamtones from DreamTheme.

Dancify Dreamtones is an app for BlackBerry that holds more than twenty hip sounds that can keep your feet moving for hours. The sounds in Dancify have the feeling of a techno disco crashing with an odd alien sound, if you can imagine that.

To get your groovy sounds playing, just start up the app and choose from the list of over twenty carefully crafted, professionally recorded sounds. With such a large selection, there’s sure to be something that will get your hips swaying!

The interface for this app is simple yet extremely appealing. Dark text boxes hold in white text all cemented against a changing purple background. You know how some audio equipment shows the pitch on a bar of light as the sound changes, that what the background does. It’s fun to watch the light role with the music, although you might be too busy dancing to pay attention.

The developers claim to have recorded each and every sound in a professional, world class studio. However, it’s hard to tell the difference when the sounds blasting out of a tiny BlackBerry speaker.

The only problem I had with this app is its price compared to its practicality. Sure, it’s a fun app that users might spend a buck on. But the app cost $3.99, making me question whether or not the average user would really need it.dancify1 300x225 Dancify Dreamtones App Review

All in all you might want to check this app out if you have boogie fever, or if you’re looking to expand your sound library. Otherwise, I don’t see the average user getting more than a few random uses out of it. But with seven other themes of Dreamtones available, there might be one out there for you!

Rating: 2.5/5 star Dancify Dreamtones App Reviewstar Dancify Dreamtones App Reviewhalf star Dancify Dreamtones App Reviewblank star Dancify Dreamtones App Reviewblank star Dancify Dreamtones App Review 

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