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Definition of Bad – Military Secretly Runs Your Telecom

iran guard telecom Definition of Bad   Military Secretly Runs Your Telecom

How can you tell when the country you live in has gone to hell in a hand basket?  When you wake up one day and realize that the countries military has secretly purchased a controlling interest in the company you get your phone service through.

The problem is that if you didn’t grow up in an oppressive regime then it’s hard to comprehend how this could happen in our modern times.  Unfortunately if you live in Iran, it’s a reality of life as you know it.

This nightmare started last month when Etemad Mobin Development purchased a 51% stake in Iran Telecom, which is Iran’s sole telecommunications company.  Now that sort of thing happens on a daily basis in other countries, but the troubling thing about this particular take over is that Etemad received secret funding from Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC).

If you aren’t up on the political conditions in Iran and you have even less of an idea what the IRGC is, then take a look at this article Iran’s Revolutionary Guards: Arm of Oppression Within and Terrorism Without.

In addition to Iran Telecom, the IRGC  controls the countries missiles batteries and nuclear program and is thought to control one third of the countries economy through subsidiaries and trusts.

So the next time you complain about your current carrier or for that matter your country, remember it could be worse, much worse.

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