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Dentists Say Treatment and Texting Don’t Mix

Dentist Texting Bad Dentists Say Treatment and Texting Dont Mix

I love opening the day with something humorous and this story certainly fits the bill.  According to an article on cellular-news Dentists are reporting that they are having a real problem with patients who insist on texting during treatment.

The survey was done by the Chicago Dental Society and found that out of the Dentists who said their patients regularly text, 46 percent said it interferes with their ability to provide treatment.  The number is even more surprising when you consider that 32 percent of the Dentists say they have a cell phone policy clearly posted in their office.

I know what you are thinking, it’s those darned kids.  Well think again.  Turns out most of the Dentists surveyed found that younger people were more polite than their adult counterparts and almost never answered their phones during treatment.  The same however could not be said for adults who did on a regular basis, including one patient who was from the clergy and answered his phone on numerous occasions.

What’s even funnier is that the article uses that old “four out of five dentists” surveyed line from TV commercials.

Here’s a reality check for you power executives who have the bad manners to actually do this.  The average speed of that thing making the whirring sound in your mouth is 18,000 rpms.  Consider that the next time your phone screams to be answered.

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